[Reward rate 30%] Would you like to join our affiliate program? [SNS Samurai]

This is the SNS samurai management office.

We are looking for partners who can introduce our services and products!

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[Our strength]

・Management system with only Japanese staff ・Support is available 24 hours a day (LINE, chat)
・A wide range of support from immediate delivery to natural increase ・Customers can feel at ease because there is an initial coupon ・Many people involved in the entertainment industry and influencers use it

This service is used by many people.

■ To affiliate partners ────────────────
We strive to create a site with easy-to-understand expressions and polite customer service.

There is no introduction loss because the contract is confirmed at the same time as the customer purchases the product (contract).

If you have media, blogs, SNS, etc. related to SNS, please introduce this program.

■ Performance Reward────────────────

30% of the purchase price (all products)

■ Special Reward────────────────
If the following conditions are met, we will (pay/consider) a special reward.

・Those who can make sales of 300,000 yen or more based on our company's sales per month

■Approval of results────────────────
Result condition: Purchase completed

*Results will be approved after new purchase.

■ Concerning denial of achievement────────────────
Rejection conditions: Duplicate applications, false applications, pranks, and cancellations will not result in a successful contract.
The same applies when affiliates purchase.

All listing submissions will be rejected. Thank you for your understanding.

■ Prohibited Matters ────────────────
Please refrain from posting on illegal sites and adult sites.

How to participate

First, open the participation page from the following URL.

»Join our affiliate program

FIRST NAME Please enter your name (e.g. Sosuke)
LAST NAME Please enter your last name (e.g. Tanaka)
EMAIL Please input your email address
PASSWORD Please enter your password
CONFIRM PASSWORD For verification, please enter it again

After completing these inputs, click/tap “JOIN” to transition to the following screen. A confirmation email will be sent to the above email address.

You will receive two emails immediately.
(Check your spam folder if you can't find it)

Click/tap Confirm your email address.

After confirming, you will be able to log in.

Enter the "email address" and "password" you entered when you registered earlier , and click "I'm not a robot" to log in.

Then you can log in to the management screen.

Perhaps there is a statement in the center of the management screen that Your account has not been activated yet.

I think that you received two emails when you registered, but the description of one of them is

Thank you for registering for our affiliate program. We are currently verifying your information and will get back to you shortly. We will notify you by email once your registration has been approved. Please continue to check your mailbox for the latest information.

We will approve affiliate partners as quickly as possible, so please wait for a while.

Thank you for reading this far. We would like to express our gratitude to those who have had the opportunity to become partners.

SNS Samurai will grow day by day so that we can provide better value to our partners and customers.

Management of SNS Samurai