About us

About us

We have specialized in significantly increasing the SNS accounts of EC shops, influencers, and people involved in the entertainment industry.

Why we do it

However, in today's world, the virtual evaluation of a person is often judged by the number of followers.

In the past, we also created an EC shop and intended to prepare good products, but if we prepared similar products, we would lose the auction to shop accounts with many followers.

Therefore, as one of the users of these increasing services, we also used follower increase and diffusion services as one of the marketing methods.

It may actually be the wrong way.

It is also true that among the services we have used in the past, there were low-quality follower increase services and fraudulent services that only received money and did not provide anything.

Our vision

Reduce such fraudulent services and low-quality services.

Also, in this world where we are judged only by the number of followers and likes, we would like you to fight with the goodness of your company and individual services.

We are aiming for a service that can help with such marketing.

As a result, we have received many compliments from customers who use our services.

The repeat rate is very high, and we are growing day by day while receiving various voices.

Thank you for your continued support.

SNS samurai management team